We calculate fee-only for sold items, simple and reasonable costs.

Price List
Monthly Fee
No initial fee, no monthly basic fee.
Total Order Total Amount (per Order)
Up to 1,500JPY Above 1,501JPY
No Order Free Free
Up to 10 Orders Free Free
Above 11 Orders 2% X Total Amount 30JPY


How to Pay
We will calculate any recurring fees on due date, and send you billing email within one week.
Payment Method Deu Date Payment Period
Prepaid Transfer End of Month 7th in Next Month (Automatically)
Postpaid Transfer End of Month Until End of Next Month


  • Order fees is the fees to process an order and will be charged in spite of cancellation.
  • Postpaid will be applied automatically for unsufficient prepaid balance.
  • Any prepaid balance will be refund when you cancelled the membership.