Non-technical issue that is the essence of website development.

Development Background

It all started from an idea to help a friend who want to start a webshop, but just no idea how to do it. Installing e-commerce software is way too difficult for someone just starting out. Here, rental shopping cart system should be a short way as no programing skills needed, but lately he found it was limited with many procedures and restrictions. So what would be the answer to this question? Seems to me the answer would be a mixed system which balances both creativity and constraint.

Starting Experiment!

At first, sketching all features that neccessary for a webshop owner. Shopping cart would be a must, blog features make smooth communication between owner and customers, access analyzer to help improve web strategy, etc. Next step is choose a model application for each features and start the programming. Last step before publishing website, i have to go into my own pocket to purchase the server, construct network, and other environment equipments. In the middle of development, a friend of designer join this project and help decorating the website. Thank you very much for making it look great!!!

Next Plan

We are now preparing to ensure drive more traffic to the website. It is new method but we believe it has the potential to generate strong traffic. We will let you know soon when it get ready.